What is a "domain name"

Domain names are used to identify IP addresses. This can be for one or more addresses. Used in web addresses, or URLs, the name indicates a specific page. For example: if you have URL http://www.websitename.com/index.main.html, the domain name is websitename.com. There is a suffix on all domain names, the options include (to name a few)

  • Com
  • Gov
  • Edu
  • Org
  • Mil
  • Net
  • Ca
  • Th

The internet is based off IP addresses, not domain names, so a DNS or Domain Name System is required to translate names to IPs.


What is a "sub domain"?

Can also be called a child domain. It is a domain which is part of a larger domain name in a DNS hierarchy. The hierarchy goes:

  • Root level domain
  • Top level domain
  • Second level domain
  • Sub domain

for an example, http://www.subdomain.domainname.topleveldomain


What is "DNS"?

As stated above, the DNS or Domain Name System, is required to translate the domain names into IP addresses. The S can also stand for Service or Server.

For example, www.domainname.com might be translated by a DNS into 123.456.789.0


Why do we buy domain names?

We purchase domain names to reserve our place on the web, and to be in complete control of it’s content and how it’s published and what it looks like. We can purchase domain names based off time frames, like 1 year to 10 years.


From what kind of entity do we buy domain names from?

We purchase domain names from a registrar system, like GoDaddy. They help us search to see if the domain and top level domains are available, then process the registration and award you ownership with your purchase.


What is a TLD?

As stated above, a TLD or Top Level Domain is the highest level in the DNS.

There are 3 types of TLD

  • Generic
  • Country code
  • Internationalised domain name

What does a domain name have to do with an IP address?

As stated above, domain names and IP addresses are interrelated because the internet is based off IP addresses but browsers search by domain name so the DNS must be used to translate domain name into IP address.